Cottage Village “Prozorovskoye-Golitsino” designed by ‘Arkkitehtisuunnittelu Jukka Tikkanen’ is “The Best Cottage Village of Comfort Class”

Finnish Company YIT Moscovia won the annual professional award PRO Realty 2011 for cottage
village in Moscow region

Moscow, May 2012 – the cottage village “Prozorovskoye-Golitsino” by Finnish ‘Arkkitehtisuunnittelu Jukka Tikkanen’ won the annual professional award PRO Realty 2011 in nomination “The Best Cottage Village of Comfort Class”. The Award was handed to YIT Moscovia at ceremony in Moscow in April 2012.

The acknowledged independent annual professional award PRO Realty Award was instituted in 2009 by The winner is selected by council of experts, including the key specialist in realty and by the professional society of

The area of the cottage village “Prozorovskoye-Golitsino” is 41 hectares. It is situated about 23 km out of Moscow. The total volume of construction is 209 town houses and 166 free-standing buildings. The first stage development of 89 town houses has already been completed.

‘Arkkitehtisuunnittelu Jukka Tikkanen’ and its subsidiary ‘t-architects’, operating in Russia, followed their concept of offering customers “Finnish quality of life completed in compliance with the Russian standards of construction”.  The cottage village “Prozorovskoye-Golitsino” is a unique project in town house construction in Russia. It has revolutionary architectural forms, facades and inner layouts. Strong non-traditional in Russia architectural forms realize the modern style. The inner layout is completed in Finnish traditions: a lot of open space and light, big windows and terraces, saunas and cooling zones.

The project was designed with engineering partners: LLC Sormunen & Timonen, Insinööritoimisto Chydenius Oy (Airix Talotekniikka Oy at present), Niemi & Co (Airix Talotekniikka Oy at present).

The cottage village “Prozorovskoye-Golitsino” had already been awarded in RREF AWARDS-2011 by “New format of suburban realty” nomination earlier.