Jukka Tikkanen Finnish Design Concept

Finnish Arkkitehtisuunnittelu Jukka Tikkanen Ltd. and Russian OOO ”Tikkanen” offer Finnish design according to Russian norms.

Arkkitehtisuunnittelu Jukka Tikkanen Ltd.

The company is well-respected Finnish design office focused on housing and urban design.

The company has operated in Russia since 2004. We have successfully cooperated with a number of Russian and Finnish construction companies and investors in Economy, Comfort and Business class.

We are known for modern architectural concepts according to Russian norms and standards and use of latest technologies in engineering. Know-how on precast housing and social housing planning are part of our expertise.

Arkkitehtisuunnittelu Jukka Tikkanen Oy offers its customers the best return on investment, by designing sketches of

  • area planning scheme
  • master plan of town
  • city plan.


  • Founded 1982 –  focused on dwelling houses and town-planning
  • Private company owned by architect Mr. Jukka Tikkanen

OOO «Tikkanen»

OOO «Tikkanen» is a Russian architectural bureau, established in 2010 to implement the Project (P) and Working Drawings (WD) phases of Jukka Tikkanen Finnish Design Concept in Russia.

OOO «Tikkanen» offers its customers the following:

  • Main Design Service
  • Supervising

We help our customers to save their time and money. We serve the Russian and international customers in Russianб English and Finnish language.

Value for constructors’ money:

Our customers’ value for money (ROI) is one of the key points in the whole design process.

  • More square meters to sell
  • Easy-to-sell apartments
  • Shorter design time